Product Review: Bacon

I’m Southern, so I love bacon. A friend of mine was telling me incredulously about someone who kept a tub of bacon fat next to the stove. I just laughed and told her mine was in the fridge. How can you make scrambled eggs without bacon grease? And have you ever coated the biscuit pan with bacon grease? Yum. But that’s not the point. The point is, we love bacon with our pancakes , and there is really only one food storage option that I’ve found, so of course I tried it.

Yoder’s Canned Bacon has about 50 slices per can. Sounds gross right? We actually bought a few cases when there was a great deal, but never tried it. When we were in Utah a few months ago, we found it at Macey’s (the grocery store, not the department store), so we bought a can and a bunch of us tried it. We opened the can, and the pieces are wrapped in layers of wax paper, folded in half and rolled up. Since it is packed raw before processing, it’s sitting in its own fat, which is not visually appealing. I confess, I was concerned about putting it in my mouth. I certainly wasn’t eating it cold. I heated some in the microwave before eating it. It looked a lot more appetizing. The result? It was really good! I was so happy, not only because I wasn’t in danger of having to bleach my mouth, but because I hadn’t wasted all that money on something disgusting. It doesn’t get as crispy as fresh bacon. It has more the texture and appearance of that pre-cooked bacon you can get at the store. I went ahead and made myself a BLT with it, and it was quite good. Everyone agreed, the Amish have done it again. Thanks for another good product.

The two big downers are it’s kind of expensive, and that’s a lot of bacon in one can. If you have a large family and can eat that in one meal, that’s great. If you have a smaller family, and for some reason are without electricity and can’t refrigerate leftovers, there will be some waste.

We actually got ours from, but when I wrote this post it was out of stock. When deciding which is the better deal, make sure you check shipping costs. Emergency Essentials never charges more than $12 shipping, no matter how heavy your order is. They also have wonderful customer service. I’ve always had good experiences with them. I’ve also ordered from, and it’s been fine. I haven’t ever talked to their customer service, so I don’t know anything about it. They usually have the cheapest prices because they are owned by a distributor, but their shipping can be really awful. Just check first. This is definitely a store-it-and-forget-it item because of the cost, and because it has a very long shelf life.

It looks pretty gross right out of the can. Unfortunately, this is the only picture I have. We were having a family gathering, and once the smell of bacon floated through the house, the reheated product disappeared pretty fast. But when it’s reheated it looks like cooked bacon. I promise.

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